Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kenley's new dress

I sewed a dress for Kenley! It's pretty cute, if I do say so myself. Of course, I'm not showing you any detail shots or the wonky back that I will have to alter if she is actually going to wear it, but... it was a good first attempt.

This project started with Dana's great tutorial, then a fun Threadless hoodsie that was stained and getting too small.

I decided to stitch around the colored letters before I added it to the dress for an extra detail.

I used the fabric from my new Mac and Cheese shirt for the dress fabric. I've never really sewed with knit before and I have lots to learn. The yoke part around the top was very frustrating because it curled so much that I couldn't iron it properly or keep it straight. In retrospect, if I had cut the strip against the grain of the fabric instead of with, it probably would have worked better.

I made Kenley do some modeling after her nap. It is still pretty big, and needs a little tweaking, but hopefully she'll have fun toddling around in it this summer.

What's the deal, lady?
Gimmee that camera!
Ok, cheese!
She's not standing on her own yet, but I managed to prop her up well enough to take a quick picture!

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