Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween 2011: Fun in DSM

Last weekend the kids and I made a quick trip to Des Moines for some early Halloween fun. We started at Living History Farms on Friday night. This place holds lots of great memories for me, since I attended summer camp there each year until I was old enough to become a camp counselor. I also remember visiting at Halloween (or at least I remember going with my younger siblings). It was super fun to bring Lachlan and Kenley here. We thought we would be bundling up with puffy coats and scarves, but it turned out to be mild and perfect for trick-or-treating on Main Street.
Later (after it got too dark for photos) we went on a horse-drawn wagon ride (Kenley was entranced by the big horses), stopped for pop and popcorn (and to assess our candy collection), and listened to a storyteller in the big barn. We also enjoyed walking through a path of Halloween lights and jack-o-lanterns carved by Boy Scouts and stopping to toast marshmallows.

Saturday night, we went to Night Eyes at the Blank Park Zoo - along with many other families in Des Moines - it was crowded! I was happy to see the big crowd, because we love the zoo and popular events like this help them make improvements to the animal exhibits! It was also too dark for photos once we got there, but we did enjoy seeing the big cats lumbering around their cages as we trick-or-treated. My favorite homemade costume we saw was a boy dressed as a lego man, seriously cute and clever! Kenley rode on my back in the Ergo for prime people watching, and Lachlan did a great job with all the waiting in line we had to do. It was a fun and memorable weekend!

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