Saturday, October 01, 2011

Kenley at 15 months

I had not intended to continue this monthly blog post past Kenley’s first birthday, but I know that if I don’t write down the little things while I am thinking of them – very soon they will be forgotten! Here, a few days late, is a little bit about Kenley at 15 months:

Still holding strong with four teeth, although recent sleeplessness and crankiness indicates that #5 and #6 are about to arrive.

Still holding out on taking your first steps, although we are sure the big day is coming soon. You are quick at cruising and like to hold on to my fingers and practice walking.

You are enjoying your time on Tuesday/Thursday mornings (while I am at work) with your new babysitter, Anna. I am enjoying our times together on Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings while Lachlan is at preschool.

Your bangs are growing down over your eyes, but I can’t bear to trim those golden wisps. Most days I sweep them to the side and put in one of your cute barrettes.

You are still enamored with your baby dolls and love to play with the vintage Fisher Price people for long stretches of time. You are interesting in making marks, and have taken crayon to paper and chalk to the chalkboard wall without prompting.

Some words you say (even if I am the only one who can recognize them):



Some variation on Lachlan





Uh Oh

Bye bye (or often just, Bye!)

thank you


Go! (thanks to our evening races to the bathroom “ready, set, go”)


Moo for a cow (maybe oink and quack too?)






And you use the “more” sign many times each day, for more food or to request more of any activity that you’re enjoying.

I know that all moms feel this way, but I do feel that you are really above average in the cuteness department. I mean, those cheeks and that smile and the little blonde curls. The sweetest!

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