Tuesday, October 25, 2011

K at 16 months

At 16 months, you:

* love to climb up and sit places - in chairs, on a step, etc.
* call goldfish crackers "fishies"
* just started saying "eat" and say it often!
* sleep from 8 ish to 6:30 ish, recently started sleeping through the night again - now that your one year molars have popped through.
* love puppies and notice them in book illustrations and when we are out and about. Your favorite puppy is our Sadie, and you're getting good at saying her name!
* still love the Fisher Price people and put them on your fingers, then make them do a little dance.
Kenley helping Wrigley with his dinner in Des Moines

* adore the baby dolls and like to have one close by at all times. Yesterday you put all four in the baby stroller and pushed them around.
* impress us with your fine motor skills. You love to move tiny things around from container to container.
* still like your paci and look for them to pop into your mouth. I've been trying (but not succeeding) to keep them for nap time and bedtime only.
* love to dance when music is playing and enjoy playing music instruments.
* get silly with your brother and "wrestle" with your dad
* love being read to and you are getting particular about hearing your favorites - and hearing them over and over again.
* love to eat any kind of fruit, and start the day with yogurt most mornings. You're interested in using a spoon by yourself - you like to place a bit of food on the spoon with your fingers, then put the bite into your mouth.
* take 3 or 4 steps at a time, but are not yet what I'd call a "toddler"
* wake up happy and ready to play every morning.

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