Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hello, pumpkin!

So, several weeks ago, I noticed a new plant sprouting up on the front edge of our porch. Since I am still learning about all the various plants that live in our yard, I decided to let it grow for awhile before deciding it was a weed and pulling it. Fast forward a couple weeks - it had these great big leaves and yellow flowers and I decided it was a pumpkin vine! It makes sense for it to be growing here - most likely there was a pumpkin sitting in this exact spot last October and it left one or more of its seeds in the ground. Today I can not believe how huge the vine has grown - and check out this little baby pumpkin! I wonder if they will all be white like this one - and if it will stay white as it gets bigger - and how big will it get?? Wow - pumpkin adventure! Stay tuned for more updates. ;)

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