Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today I am excited because...

* It is raining and I think (hope) that means that it will be cooler soon!

* I finally set up a Google reader page that will keep track of all the blogs I like to visit and tells me when I have something new to read. No more excessive clicking! Thanks Steph for the heads up on the iGoogle page, too - so convenient!

* I am going to bake something with the fresh peaches that Diane brought me.

* I am going to do some more scrapbooking - woo hoo for productivity!

* Ashley and I have a date at Naomi's kitchen tonight to put together some yummy meals.

* Tomorrow at this time I will be at the State Fair. Oh yeeaah...

* Saturday I'm going to my 10 year high school reunion! Ok, I can't pretend I'm super excited about that, but I am excited to see my girlfriends!

Here's a scan of a little drawing I did this morning

1 comment:

  1. I recently set up my google reader. I spend way less time one the computer, which is awesome.

    Love the drawing!