Saturday, August 04, 2007

Opinions, please!

I made these earrings yesterday with a pair of metal findings I bought in D.C. I'm planning to add them to the Etsy shop, but trying to decide on a price. Wendy and I are thinking about consigning or wholesaling some of our jewelry in local shops, but what that means is basically pricing the Etsy items at "retail" (wholesale x 2) or twice what we would be willing to sell them to a store for and still make a profit. Luckily our materials are pretty inexpensive, but I don't want to overprice our jewelry either.

If you have a minute please leave a price or range of prices that you would be willing to pay for a pair of earring like this (or just say if you like them or not! :) Thanks!


  1. Ummm ... if you are happy with the Etsy price why not try to sell them to the local shops at that price and see if they bite. They know what their customers would pay. If you go too far above $15 - $20 you will lose a lot of the Etsy customer base. The most recent survey of Etsy purchases put the majority in the $10-$15 price range. I wasn't sure if you were trying to figure out a higher Etsy price to match the wholesale price or what.

    By the way, love the earrings!

  2. Anonymous9:53 AM

    I think 20 would be good, but I don't know how much they cost to make.

    super cute - I love the middle dangling!

  3. I like these. I'd wear them if my ears were pierced. :)

    From Judi's comment, I get the sense that I might not speak for the average Etsy customer. I'm always suspicious of cheaply priced jewellry there. That said, I wouldn't go much below fifteen dollars for any of your pieces. As for the upper end of the price range, I don't know.

  4. Ummm...yeah...I have to have this pair of earrings. Have to! I'd better watch out....I could be an addict.