Saturday, March 01, 2008

Six One Way

I just recently found and starting posting to the flickr group called: "Six One Way"

Here's their group description -
"A group for parents who enjoy and are inspired by Six One Way . This is your chance to post your own triptych photo each week. Your post should tell the story of your family's week in three photos."

I decided to play along with pregnancy photos, since I'm getting ready to have a little boy. If you want a reminder of how sweet and wonderful childhood can be - head over to the pool and check out some of the triptychs.

Today is the first Saturday in a long time I haven't had work or travel obligations, so I better stop putzing it away on the computer and go make something! (Although I did get some good advice from a mom at one of my showers who said "Spend as much time on the couch as you can now before you have kids")


  1. I love that blog. I subscribed. Thanks for sharing it.
    Take the advice. I remember when I was pregnant with Adam (now 7) and I sat in the recliner and read books for hours. That was absolutely the LAST time I had that luxury in the last 7 years. Make a point to spoil yourself a bit now.

  2. Kirsten, I don't have your email address so I am leaving this message for you. I have tagged you on my blog and I hope you will pass it on! Shelley