Monday, March 10, 2008


sunrise/sunset, originally uploaded by Kirsten W.

We had the "spring ahead" time change this past weekend and it's throwing me off a little - but it is nice to have more daylight in the evening. This pair of photos is from this morning when I got up, and tonight after dinner.

Still keeping up with my photo everyday this year - 70 in a row today!
You can see the sets here if you're interested: January,February, March


  1. Kirsten, Love these photos. I am up for doing a photo shoot whenever it would work for you! Just let me know! Shelley (I can't wait to see that quilt too! LOVE the fabric!)

  2. Woot! Keep going with the photos!

    May I state that I really don't like daylight savings time? It's seriously messing with my inner clock and I want it to be light out in the morning. I don't care about the evening. Pffft.