Friday, March 14, 2008


You crow girl
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Friday has arrived, and with it, spring break vacation! Unfortunately, I'm not en route to warmer places, but I am looking forward to a week - for relaxation, knocking some items off the to-do list and catching up with friends.

This evening I suddenly got the "nesting" urge while I was waiting for Bill to get home from work, so I was hustling around cleaning out my car, putting away things that have been piled up around the house, and washing dishes & laudry. Now I am really tired! But it is nice to get some things done - 35 weeks pregnant today, so I only have 5 weeks until my due date. Time to really get ready and start the countdown.

The photo above is from a card class I took at Reminisce with Lindsey last night. I *love* the clever card designs & greetings she comes up with, so I was excited to be able to take one of her classes. Now I have some very fun bird themed cards to send to friends and family!

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  1. I hear you on the "nesting," I was moving furniture all over in my third trimester and freezing food. I recommend the freezing for sure, not so much on the furniture... ouch.