Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend wrap-up

It was a busy one here, so get cozy! Started out with mom coming to town to take my class at Reminisce on Thursday night. It was a very fun and sweet group of moms who came to make the mini-album. Then she stayed at our house all day Friday while I worked and worked on cleaning and organizing projects. How great! Friday night we had a delicious family dinner at Atlas.
Saturday was a day I had been looking forward to for a long time - Wendy threw me a baby shower for local family and friends. What a treat to see everyone, and the way she organized it was so sweet and fun. Of course there were delicious snacks and so many thoughtful (and practical!) gifts, including favorite children's books from everyone (Wendy had included that suggestion in the invitations). I'm planning to add more photos to my flickr when I have time this week.
After the shower, mom and Bethany and I hung around to help feed the baby kitties. Wendy rescued these 5 abandoned sweeties from the playground at her school. She and Jeremy are giving them pretty much constant love and affection (how could you not love those little faces!). They even made one of my favorite blogs today - IBKC.
Saturday afternoon I hung out with mom and sis. We did some shopping - visited Home Ec Workshop to drop off some WeMiKiWi earrings that they are including for sale in the shop. And just hung out...
Then they headed home to Des Moines and Bill and I headed up to C.R. for a hockey game. No good photos, but lots of fun. It is one of our favorite things to do together, even though neither of us is a die-hard fan. Maybe our last big pre-baby date?
Yesterday I got some work in on my quilt - now that the back is done, I can work on pinning the layers together and basting it to prepare for the handquilting! We also did some more preparations like putting the carseat base in the car, setting up the bassinet in our bedroom and getting those last minute details ready! This afternoon I picked up my new mommy-mobile from the dealership (traded in my little hatchback). Now I think we are physically prepared, but I'm not sure either of us are mentally prepared for him to arrive yet!

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