Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Designing a "big boy" room

Lachlan will be making a move into our current guest room sometime in the next year to make room for baby #2 in the nursery and crib. I'm going back and forth about when to make the transition, since he is doing fine in the crib right now. I don't want to do it right around when the baby arrives in June, so that he doesn't feel like baby "stole" his room. So, I'm thinking about around his 2nd birthday in April, or a couple months after baby arrives (baby will sleep in our room for a couple months, at least). Any advice on that front?

Anyway, I'm still thinking about doing some shopping to outfit his new room. It already has lovely light green walls that will stay. I'm planning on making curtains for the two windows, and putting in a twin bed for him.

Here are some things I'm dreaming about:

These sheets with this comforter. So fun and boyish.

Love this bookcase, too. I definitely want some kind of book storage that displays the front cover of the books. Maybe a DIY project?

A great bench for storing & displaying toys & puzzles

Definitely keeping my eye on Ohdeeoh for inspiration and on Craigslist and local stores for good quality deals.


  1. Looks like a fun project. I love the sheets and comforter. Good idea to leave him in crib awhile I think. Sometimes the transition to reg. bed takes some adjustment time. As long as he isn't climbing out of the crib you have more control.

  2. So much fun thinking about a big-boy room for Lachlan! I think I looked at that exact bedding set for Alex, back when we were doing the same for him. I also just finished transitioning Lila to a big-girl bed and adding touches to her room, so I'm really into this sort of thing right now.

    As for when to introduce Lachlan to his new room/bed...I can tell you what we did (as you know, our kids are 23 months apart).

    Lila stayed in our room in a co-sleeper for the first several months and we kept Alex in his crib in his room. It wasn't until a couple months after his second b-day, after she'd been around a while, that we gave him his big-boy bed. Plus, he just seemed so little to do it before she joined our family. Anyway, we did this for the same reason you mention...so he wouldn't relate losing the crib to Lila. He seemed very excited about the new bed and we let him pick out his sheets. Of course, that didn't stop him from popping out one or 100 times ;)

    Good luck, it'll be great!