Saturday, January 23, 2010

the January blahs

Well, the weather hasn't been much to write home about, has it. Between the freezing cold, the snow, wind, ice, fog, and today's misty rain, I feel like we've been cooped up inside for a month! Add to that a nasty stomach bug for Lachlan all last week and I didn't really feel much like blogging.
I must admit that the ice can be very beautiful when you don't have to come in contact with it in your car or on foot!

Lachlan's been keeping himself occupied with lots of fun indoor activities - reading books, playing with playdoh (I made the little things in the picture, but he likes to squish and cut and move the pieces from place to place),
building with blocks, coloring, driving toy cars around, and playing his musical instruments have been his favorite activities lately. Oh, and of course, helping with whatever I'm doing - putting away laundry, vacuuming, cleaning out the dishwasher.
I've been keeping busy crocheting granny squares and today I made a crochet chocolate chip cookie! I also finished making a new Valentine's wreath this week. I will share photos of those projects soon!
In other news, I hit the halfway point in my pregnancy this week! Feeling pretty good right now, other than what feels like a mild cold hanging on. I can feel baby girl move every day at least once, so that is fun and exciting!

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