Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sharing bag

My preschoolers are always interested in bringing something special to share from home - especially since all the exciting Christmas gifts appeared at home! I decided to set up a specific sharing day and schedule to keep things more manageable and organized. This weekend I whipped up two drawstring sharing bags to make transportation of the sharing items easier and more "fancy". :) They are so quick to sew (here's a simple tutorial I found if you want to try one). I also made little fabric tags with stamped instructions and sewed those to felt, set a couple eyelets in each, then threaded the ribbon through the tag to keep the tag with the bag.

I made 7 or 8 of these out of Christmas fabric over winter break to use as reusable gift bags every year. I stole the idea from my mom, who made some years ago for our family. They are quick and easy for wrapping, especially strangely-shaped items. I just wrap the item in a piece or two of tissue paper, stick it in the bag, cinch up the ties and add a gift tag. Done! A good easy sewing project, very "green", and you can get super-cheap Christmas fabric now for next year!

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